Houndville Otterhounds

Welcome at
Houndville Otterhounds,

with this web-site we would like to introduce this wonderful but unfortunately rare dog breed to you.

If you have questions about the breed please contact us.

Tel.: +49-(0)2825-938825


Attention!!! Attention!!! Attention!!!

Man-Trailing Seminar!!!!!
In Ingelheim near Mainz,
to be held on the

22th - 25th of May 2014
See also in the navigation list
under the heading "Meetings, exhibitions, etc."

Contact person:
Irm Weiß


Let op: via internet worden pups aangeboden uit niet geregistreerde nesten, tegen te hoge prijzen. Bij twijfel kunt u ons altijd raadplegen

Beware: on the internet pups out of non-registred breeding are on offer 
              for too high prices. You are welcome to ask our advise


On the 01.February 2011 the
"Otterhound Fan Club Deutschland"
was founded.
As  you can already tell by the Name, this is not a breed club, but a club for lovers of the breed!!!
Please find the official web-site for the Club under "Links" in the Navigation bar on the left.
We hope you will enjoy the visit....and who knows, maybe we will have the pleasure to meet you in the future!

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