Is the Otterhound the right dog for you?
Does this breed fit me at all?

Anyone who is looking for a specific type of dog asks themself this question. Well, it's true, not every dog is suitable for every type of person.
In the breed Otterhound you have to be aware that it is a scent hound and these are using their nose a great deal.

So if you would like to do some search and rescue work with your dog, you have landed a bull's-eye with the Otterhound. If you are looking for a dog that follows you obediently then you should look for another type of dog.

This does not mean that you can not keep the Otterhound as a family member. The Otterhound loves his family, he is a comfortable comrade who likes to slouch on the couch and is content with normal walks.

You can walk with them with a normal short leash, with a trailing or flexile line or even without a leash. It's all a matter of training. Those that train the recall and the lead training enough with the dog can enjoy everything. However, during the off-leash time, one must always keep an eye on the dog as he must be retrieved quickly enough incase he does picks up a scent.

In case of frequent animal crossings, the danger is of course great that he can be tempted to chase after the game. 

Since the Otterhound was bred for the hunt for the otter, it is obvious that he likes the element of water. Here is however to say that also an Otterhound can be water shy .

The Otterhound is a undemanding dog, and it's enough to do a smaller round if you can not help it. But that should not be the rule. Personally we always find that our dogs are more worn out when we go through fields and meadows on mouse search than when we walk 10 kilometers.

The Otterhound is also very good with other dogs, humans and also animals. He is very sociable (see heading "Otterhounds and other animals"). If it belongs to the pack, it is usually recognized as a friend. In the garden, when the cat suddenly takes flight, it can happen that use the hunting instinct.

The fur care of the Otterhounds is not complicated by other breeds with a longer coat. Maybe even easier than the coat with soft fur.You should brush the Otterhound well once a week. The head area like the snout, the beard and the ears more often.

As a guard dog, the Otterhound is only suitable because he barks when someone rings the bell or enters the premises. He just loves everyone and everything.

We are happy to answer any further questions by phone, e-mail or in person. Our Otterhound Fan Club meets several times a year for walks and once a year for the Otterhound Fan Club meeting. (You will find information about the club on the first page).
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