Goofy and his owner Sabine are already doing a lot of interesting things together and are planning to do many more.

The first thing this nice team have done is the Rally Obedience Competitions AKC und APDT.

Goofy has also been on a Man-Trailing course last year June and did very well there. We hope he will continue with this and see many more pictures.

Sabine found a Search and rescue group in January 2007 and hopefully this will be the start of a wonderful job for both Goofy and Sabine.

The other plan that they have is to make a Photo Model of the young man.

This is so far just a plan, but maybe we will soon see him in the magazines and on TV, you never know, best of luck.

Goofy has now also achieved the title APDT Level 1 and AKC Rally Novice!


Goofy and Sabine at their Man-Trailing exam
in Illinois in June 2006



Goofy and Sabine at the "Rally Obedience Competitions AKC and APDT"
in March 2006





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