Mighty Mouse

Here you can see pictures of Mighty Mouse as she had her first exam to gain her Red Cross jacket!!!

The dogs that took part in this exam had to prove themselves in many ways. They are not allowed to show fear of strangers, objects, fire, debris, etc., they also must allow a stranger to carry them as this might become nessesary during an emergency.

Only dogs and in Mighty's case hounds that proof themselves will pass and will have earned themselves the Red Cross jacket.

Of course there will be many more exam's that she has to pass before she will be part of the rescue dog team, but we have every confidence in her and her handler Iris.

By now Mighty Mouse has passed all of her exams, she has now also qualified to work for the German Police as a Man-Trailer and therefore is no longer active for the Red Cross.
We are awaiting a full report of her owner Iris and will update this page as soon as possible.





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Mighty Mouse visiting the Kindergarden

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